mySugr Diversity Cooking

mySugr Diversity Cooking



Art: Online

Bundesland: Alle

Name der Location: mySugr Headquarters

Adresse: Trattnerhof 1/5. OG

PLZ: 1010

Ort: Wien

Anmeldung: Ja

mySugr Diversity Cooking is an initiative to celebrate the 31 nationalities within our company by cooking and sharing meals from our many cultures.

We kicked off the mySugr Diversity Cooking events in October 2019. One person - the “Head Chef” - chose a dish from their home country and prepared the meal together with their assistant cooks. A total of 6 amazing international meals were prepared up until March 2020, when we sadly needed to pause due to the Covid-lockdown. However, we are all looking forward to returning to the kitchen.


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